Zero point Brownies recipe


I wanted to make an original post for this recipe with some clarifications
Because these are made with protein and not flour, They will have a more spongy texture. Don’t expect a rich fudgy brownie. They set up after they cool down. It’s a zero smart point brownie guys!



The Casein in Quest changes how it bakes (as opposed to powder that is 100% whey) The casein thickens it up quite a bit – if you use a protein powder without Casein yours will be runny/gooey

if you use a different protein other than your brownies may not be zero SMART points
If you use another brand other than Quest, yours may not turn outright. The texture will most likely be different
if you use more than 3 tablespoons cocoa powder it may add points (I use Hershey’s special dark)
put into recipe builder if you use different ingredients

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