Baked Cheese & Broccoli Patties


Vegetable patties full of broccoli, cheese and bread that are baked. One of my favorite ways to eat broccoli.


Oh My Gosh! I think this is my new favorite way to eat broccoli. Where has this recipe been all of my life? I would of become a vegetarian based on this recipe alone. Nah, I still love me some steak. So here it is, you could use fresh broccoli if you wanted but I really liked the texture of the frozen broccoli in this recipe. Be sure to take your broccoli out to let it thaw. You need to get as much of the water out as you can.

I let it sit in the strainer for 30 minutes and then blotted it really good to get the water out. You will be real glad if you do it this way and don’t decide to rush it. Then you want chop the broccoli up into a little smaller texture. I’d never done that before to frozen broccoli and I was surprised to see how much water was actually in it. I think this would also make a great vegetarian sandwich.

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