Baked Omelet


Baked breakfasts like this are a great idea for when you want something hearty but don’t want a ton of cleanup.  I love using a cast iron skillet, but you could even make this in a casserole dish.  Whatever is your preference can work for this baked omelet recipe.

The whole family will enjoy this protein-packed Low Carb Baked Omelet. It’s also a great make-ahead breakfast for those hectic mornings!


Back in September of last year, I started eating a mostly low carb diet. What led me to make these changes? I was tired of feeling sluggish throughout the day and I felt like my health was being affected by my poor health choices.

In January of this year, I committed fully to a low carb diet and have cut out almost all processed food. I can’t say what effect these changes have on other people, but I feel like a completely different person – and I’m losing weight in the process! Which if I’m completely honest, is something I’ve needed to do for a long time.

But don’t fret if the low-carb lifestyle is not for you! I’ll still be sharing regular recipes because my family still eats all the carbs.  Occasionally, I’ll be sharing recipes like this Low Carb Baked Omelet. You don’t even have to be low carb to enjoy it – my family enjoyed it with me. They had hash browns and fruit on the side. I had a salad. Win-win.

For those times when I need a quick meal idea throughout the week, this Low Carb Baked Omelet makes a great choice because I can put pieces in these meal prep containers and I can just grab one quickly.


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