Christmas Maraschino Cherry Shortbread Cookies


Although it’s just Thanksgiving, in the head of most food bloggers is Christmas. Of course, to all of you that food blogging is a full time job or a hobby, you will already have something to prepare although everyone else will prepare it a few weeks later. And since Christmas is coming in a few weeks, most of you must will be thinking about one thing and one thing only – Christmas Cookies


Best Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookie Recipe

In only a few minutes of searching on the internet, my bookmarks were already full of really fantastic cookie ideas. Since everyone in my family just loves cookies, I decided to make a real little series of recipes for Christmas Cookies. The only thing left was to decide which recipe to start.

There could be no other! Of all the cookies that I have prepared until now, my husband was a great fan of the classic shortbread cookies with chocolate chips. In order to add a little Christmas charm, I decided to make them a little redder and the best ingredient for that is Maraschino Cherry and it’s beautiful red color and really specific taste.

And so, there was nothing else left but to begin the story with shortbread cookies. In my case, that meant preparing cookie dough in the form of a circular log and keeping this log alive from my husband. He even eats it unbaked. And in only one and a half hour, of which, almost an hour is cooling in the fridge, there they were, my Christmas Maraschino Cherry Shortbread Cookies smiling from the table teasing with their beautiful combination of black chocolate chips and red cherry.

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