Mom’s Goulash


We all have those meals that we grew up on. The meals that, to this day, every time we have them, the first bite takes us back to our childhood. One of those for me is this goulash.

Now, for some out there I realize you will look at this and say, “That isn’t even close to traditional goulash.” And you would be correct, but that is what mom called it, and grandma before her, and I have found many families refer to something very similar to this as the same. In fact, after my husband and I were married, he asked me to get his grandma’s goulash recipe because he loved it. Before I could, I made this. When he sat down to eat he began to rave about it and thank me for getting the recipe. Yep, MY grandma’s recipe and HIS were the exact same!

This is a go-to quick and simple weeknight meal in our house, and I have passed on my love for it to my children. It’s perfect after a long day when you’re tired, hungry and just want some comfort food. I love when a plate of something delicious can make me feel like I’m getting a hug from mom!

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