No-Bake Baileys Cheesecake Balls


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_Awesome! I used fudge striped cookies, dipped in chocolate, then drizzled with the white. I made these as part of my holiday goodie give-away, but I don’t think they will make it into the bags! Just might keep them all to myself!

_Easy and a crowd pleaser. one concern, mine almost did not make it to the party….they were in danger of being eaten first!

_excellent recipe. I made it with dark chocolate as the first dip and the white chocolate as second drizzle. Big success.

_I made this with colored white chocolate for Easter. I made it two ways. The second used Baileys Irish Cream coffee creamer for the kids. Drawback. Not a strong Baileys alcohol flavor. The ball was very soft and sticky. When dropping in chocolate the cookies tend to get soft fast and fall apart. I put hot chocolate in separate bowl which helped a lot It’s a great tasting Cheesecake ball. I would use a few more cookies or less Liquid to firm up the ball a bit I used food processor

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