This next dessert is one that EVERY pumpkin lover will enjoy. It’s one of those delicious layered desserts, and I’m calling it Pumpkin Delight! With a pecan layer, cream cheese layer, pumpkin and pudding layer and a Cool Whip layer on top, it’s sure to be a hit at your home!

Creamy, velvety layers of pumpkin and nuts.

Now, doesn’t that just sound heavenly? I about flipped my lid when I first heard about this recipe. I love pumpkin desserts. And guess what else? This pumpkin nut recipe is super easy to make! It’s one of those desserts that really doesn’t require much hubbub at all. I could make this little beauty with my eyes closed.

What are you favorite pumpkin desserts to make during the fall season? Perhaps, you have a generational favorite that has been passed down to you from your mother and grandmother? Please, share those recipes with me in the comments.

I love hearing from you guys and gals. Also, let me know if you make this yummy pumpkin crisp dessert and how it all turns out. I’m super excited for you guys to try this yummy layered dessert. Enjoy!


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