Massive Recall: Your Himalayan Salt Lamp May Harm You

The Himalayan salt rock lamps work on three principles:

  1. Ionization

When plugged on, the lamp absorbs moisture, and then release it back. The salt actually becomes a solution after contacting with water molecules.

Sodium – positive ions, and chloride – negative ions, turn neutral and end up back in the air. This helps in removing allergens, irritants, and other pollutants.

  1. Electromagnetic oscillation

How much do you know about the Schuman resonance frequency? According to it, every living form is connected through an electromagnetic field of vibration. Electronics and industrialization create artificial electromagnetic wavelengths, and this has a devastating effect on overall health.

When heated, the salt lamps have a neutral atomic structure, and can regulate artificial frequencies or neutralize “electro-smog.”

  1. The transparent-crystalline structure releases light waves

Your body will love the light waves of the rainbow spectrum (300-700 nanometers), and cells in your body receive new energy. The wavelengths of the lamp go along the upper nanometer zone (600-700 nanometers), and provide positive, calming waves.

Have your own Himalayan salt rock lamp, and enjoy its power.


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